Upcycling Project

We are currently in the process of developing a unique concept boot inspired by repurposed military rain boots. Designed to be worn over regular shoes, this innovative footwear project holds great promise both in terms of its design and functionality.

Beyond these aspects, our vision extends to a profound idealistic standpoint: The transformation of military surplus into a symbol of love, peace, and a fearless determination to confront the world's imperfections.

STEALING HORSES Studio™ is the place where we showcase everything we are working on.


    We have established a partnership with an experienced tailor in Berlin who has played a significant role in enhancing our designs, improving quality, and developing innovative ideas.

    Some of the pieces in our current and upcoming collections will be hand-sewn in her studio located in Berlin, Charlottenburg.

    Love for craft <3

  • ASS POCKET LOVE - Recycling

    We are currently exploring opportunities with used Jeans. It's a limitless relentless material we love dearly.

    At this moment, we are actively exploring ways to repurpose the iconic "ass-pockets" of Jeans. Our aim is to integrate these denim pieces with novel fabrics and designs that we are developing, creating a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary elements.


    We started working with an embroidery and production studio in the UK to produce state of the art high quality embroidery elements.

    The three dimensional feel and craft behind the stitching process feels nostalgic and classic while allowing us to create modern patterns & designs.


    The next collection (autumn / winter) is in the works and inspired by the longing for nature of city kids.

    It will feature upcycling and recycling projects, repurposed materials and innovative production methods that focus on both (handmade) craft and the use of modern technology.

    STEALING HORSES Studio™ will feature all updates.


We are currently working on a pottery collection with the incredible Berlin based Pottery Artist Lisa Richter.


Galoppo Sport Athletes

Motivated by the unwavering dedication, discipline, and incredible spirit of track and field athletes, we've set our sights on a shared goal: participating in the 2024 Olympics in Paris alongside a competing athlete.

In tandem with this endeavor, we're excited to announce the development of a comprehensive Streetwear/Sports Collection inspired by the world of athletics.

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