wandering aimlessly


Author & Photographer: Juliette Aimee
Model: Charlotte Woerdman

Location: Joubertina, South Africa, situated along the tranquil Langkloof.

"Joubertina's initial quietness upon our arrival masked the depth of its authenticity, which echoed through the surrounding mountains, creating a serene harmony."

  • The sunlight stroke through the window and woke me up at six in the morning.

  • There was a profound stillness, as if time stood still.

  • I made a cup of coffee and sat on the porch.

  • The world beyond this place ceased to exist.

The days were filled with wandering aimlessly around the adobe, savoring the pure air and the light tickles of the high grass.

  • The porch.

  • In this place untouched by time, every moment was filled with endless energy.

  • Where the wildness whispers, there lies our tranquil escape.