Excited for an afternoon beach day, Carla and Lola headed through the rocks and down the sandy path that led to the beach. It wasn’t a path they had seen before, so they weren’t sure what part of the beach it would bring them to.

“Our own private bay,” said Lola breathlessly, as they came to the end of the path and realized there was no one else around. It was a rare thing to have a private beach in their busy Spanish town.

They stood in awed silence together, looking at the view in front of them. The white sand looked surreal under the bright sunshine, like it was almost glowing. The ocean was a deep blue, with waves crashing and rolling into shore, and the repetitive thrumming was almost hypnotic. It was late afternoon, so the sun was only getting lower in the sky, its light rippling off the surface of the water as far as the eye could see.

They unrolled their towels and laid them out on the soft, hot sand, side by side.

“It’s just us,” said Carla, smiling at Lola.

Her long-time friend was stretching her tan, toned body out on her towel, her blonde curls spilling around her shoulders.

Lola was beaming. “I’m so glad that it is.”

Carla took some body oil and started to rub it into her arms, and it created a beautiful sheen on her bronze skin. Lola was mesmerized by the sight of Carla’s fingers massaging the oil into her skin.

“Can you help me out?” Carla asked, waving the bottle of oil.        

Lola sat up and got behind her, moving Carla’s thick, dark braid out of the way so she could apply the oil to her back. Lola’s hands ran over Carla’s taut muscles, her fingers pressing into the hollows of her shoulder blades.

Lola had always admired Carla’s body. Carla had hair that was enviable - dark waves that accentuated her equally dark eyebrows and her deep brown eyes. Lola herself was quite athletic, but Carla had an undeniable femininity to her, with soft curves and dips to her body.

“Mmm,” hummed Carla as Lola applied the last of the oil. “Thank you.”

The girls stretched back out on their towels, the sunlight covering them in a thick blanket of heat. Carla quickly dozed off, her hands resting gently on her smooth, slender belly while her chest rose peacefully up and down.

Lola sat up and stared at her friend for a moment. Carla looked beautiful in her black bikini, her body glistening as the oil soaked into her skin. For some reason, a shiver rolled through Lola’s body.

The ocean was calling her name. She pulled her sunglasses onto her face and walked quickly through the hot sand until she reached the water. The waves were gentler than they had seemed before, lapping over themselves in small white crests.

It was perfect.

Lola dove under the ocean’s surface and came up seconds later, wiping the water from her face. She felt refreshed and wished that Carla was with her. She looked back at the beach to see Carla rolling over onto her belly.

On her way out of the ocean, Lola walked along the shore and gathered a handful of shells and rocks that caught her eye - shiny white stones and pearlescent pink shells that looked too pretty to leave behind.

When she reached the spot where Carla was still napping, Lola’s eyes wandered to the curves of Carla’s tan ass. It was so perfectly round and plump. The thong bikini bottoms only accentuated it, and Lola felt something stir inside of her. There were some specks of sand stuck to Carla’s skin, glinting like little diamonds in the light.

Feeling emboldened, Lola got to her knees and began to put the shells and rocks on Carla’s butt, forming a heart shape. Lola stifled a giggle once she was done, grateful that Carla hadn’t woken up. She grabbed her phone and took a couple of pictures.

“Hmm?” Carla mumbled groggily. “What are you doing?”

Lola laughed and watched as Carla sat up, causing all of the shells to slide off her ass cheeks. “I was making art.”

Carla smiled and stretched her arms out over her head. “You’re wet.” Her eyes wandered to Lola’s hair, which was still dripping at the ends. “I wanna get in!”

“Okay, let’s go then.” Lola was already on her feet, helping her friend up to standing.

Hand-in-hand, the girls ran to the ocean together, giggling like they never had before. The waves crashed around them as they rushed into the water, the foamy crests smacking them against their stomachs.

“There’s no one I would rather be doing this with!” cried Carla, squeezing Lola’s hand and smiling at her. “Seriously!”

Lola had an odd expression on her face. It was like she was trying to decide what to say back. Carla shielded her eyes from the sun.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing at all,” said Lola immediately. “That’s just it.”

And suddenly, she was holding onto Carla’s waist and leaning in for a soft, gentle kiss. Carla didn’t resist. She didn’t even seem the least bit surprised. Instead, she leaned into the kiss just as much as Lola, their tongues slowly beginning to dart into each other’s mouths. Lola tasted like lime and something sweet, and Carla only wanted more.

The ocean ebbed and swelled around them, rocking the girls back and forth with its powerful pull. A group of seagulls flew overhead, cawing, as though they were excited at the scene below, at the girls embracing each other in the salty water. As the birds flew, they crossed in front of the sun, causing a series of shadows to dance across the girls’ faces.

“What are you-” Lola began, watching as Carla pulled away suddenly and started untying her bikini top.

“Why not?” laughed Carla. “It’s so beautiful here. One with nature, like fish!”

Lola’s blue eyes were wide as she watched Carla’s breasts spill out from the soft bikini top, her light brown nipples hardened as they reached the air. Lola quickly followed suit, pulling off her own top.

For a moment, they just stood in awe of each other, their eyes wandering over their bodies.

“Come on,” said Lola, reaching for Carla’s hand. “Let’s go back to the beach.”

Their fingers interlaced as Lola led them to their towels. They hastily dried off, though it did nothing to get the salt off their skin. It seemed to remain on the surface, a gritty and glistening reminder of their moment in the sea.

Lola rolled her neck around, as though it ached.

“Do you need a massage?” asked Carla, her heart racing as she pictured her hands all over Lola’s body.

“That would be amazing,” sighed Lola, looking gratefully into Carla’s dark eyes.

Lola stretched out on her stomach, while Carla sat on her lower back. It felt more intimate than their kiss in the ocean, somehow, with her legs on either side of Lola’s body. Tentatively, Carla began to press her fingers into Lola’s shoulders, applying more and more pressure until Lola emitted a long, pleasurable moan.

“That’s perfect,” she said, her voice muffled by the towel.

Carla’s eyes ran from Lola’s salt drenched hair to the rest of her tanned skin. Drops of water still clung to her in places, and for some reason, just the sight of them made Carla’s breath catch in her throat.

When Lola realized the knot in her muscles was gone, she sat up and looked adoringly at Carla. Their eyes scanned each other’s, and Carla pressed her hand softly against Lola’s cheek. Her thumb grazed Lola’s skin.

“Tú ere' linda y yo estoy rulin.
Nos besamo', pero somo' homie'.”
(Rosalia Song - Linda, quietly sung by Lola)

Carla chuckles. “This place is magical.”

They stretched back out on their towels, although closer this time, while they watched the sun slowly start to dip in the sky.
The world seemed golden and hazy.

A world they wanted to live in forever.