Football, Studying Law & Modeling.

Galoppo Sport™ - Editorial
February 2024 - Vienna, Austria

We visited Footballer, Law Student and Model Valentina Kumer in Vienna to talk life, work, sports and everything in between.

"So, I am 25 years old, moved to Vienna 2 years ago, study law, and play soccer, actually for my whole life. That's me."

  • "How did your soccer career begin?"

    "Interestingly, there was no one in the family who played soccer. Not my parents - they never watched soccer either."

  • "In school, it all began with playing soccer. The boys were always allowed to play soccer, and the girls' gymnastics involved a lot of athleticism and running. Soooo, then I asked if I could swap."

  • "The first time I went to practice, I attended the boys' training. And there were one or two other girls, which made me very happy. There wasn't a proper girls' team back then."

"Does soccer shape your character? Is it something you define yourself by?"

"Yes, I would definitely say so. I never had siblings, I am an only child, and accordingly, I always found it pleasant to have so many kids my age around me.

  • "How did you come to study law?"

    "I've always been passionate about justice and enjoyed mediating disputes. I've always had a knack for it and enjoyed debating."

  • "And my grandmother eventually told me that with my way of communicating, I should either become a presenter or study law."

  • "But I don't actually want to become a lawyer. I used to want to be a judge because I liked the idea of being in this objective role. But the longer I'm in school, the less certain I am about where exactly I want to go with it. However, I'm sure I want to do something related to law. For example, I could see myself working in NGOs."

"Interestingly, soccer has also given me a lot of peace, especially in my teenage years when you can really go down many paths, and soccer certainly helped me avoid certain wrong turns in life."

  • "How did you get into modeling?"

    "The whole modeling thing happened very spontaneously. I was 18 and used to post photos on Instagram, mostly of everything, not just myself."

  • "At some point, a photographer approached me and asked if I wanted to take photos with her. I was really excited and flattered but also super nervous. It was my first time, after all.
    I kinda fell in love with it and I am doing it since then."

  • "What I like is that the modeling world is becoming more diverse, which is a great development.

    Personally, I was really taken under someone's wing and introduced to this industry, for which I am very grateful. I just love working together with many people on something, it gives me a lot!"

Talent: Valentina Kumer

Photographer: Timo Wagner

Styling & Design: Amena Zara

Podcast: Aslican Mete

Creative Director: Mo Wagner